About Me

Jeree Harms
The Hydroponics Guy

I’m hooked on growing (hydroponic) plants!

Thirty years ago I was introduced to hydroponic growing by an enthusiastic entrepreneur from New Jersey. At that time I owned a commercial interiorscape company in Chicago that serviced plants in corporate offices and hotels -using all soil plants. I was also growing large plants and trees (in soil) at a nursery in south Florida.

I quickly saw the advantages of growing hydroponically. In fact, growing indoor plants in that hydroponic system quickly became one of my biggest successes!

In 1991 I sold my business in Chicago and moved to New Jersey. Starting a new interiorscape company in New Jersey using this new hydroponic technology seemed like the thing to do. Maintaining plants grown hydroponically was soooo much easier than soil plants! The business quickly became successful and was sold in 2018.

Now,  I want to share with you what I’ve learned over the years growing with hydroponics.  I’m excited about the possibilities of hydroponics and how it can help you grow better plants. My goal is to help you become the most successful grower you can be.

Oh, and by the way, remember that enthusiastic entrepreneur from New Jersey 30 years ago? She became my wife and we’ve been happily married ever since!