What’s the Difference Between Sprouts and Microgreens?

Sprouts and Microgreens are not just for chef-inspired plates anymore—these nutrient powerhouses are easy to grow right on your windowsill!

But what is the difference between sprouts and microgreens?



Microgreens are young, leafy versions of the same plants we grow in our gardens every summer. The difference is micro-greens are grown indoors and harvested 8-21 days after planting – when they’re only 1-2″ tall!

Microgreens in Grower Tray

Microgreens are grown in trays with a jute mat as the growing media. Humidity Domes are used to create the perfect environment to start new seeds. When seeds germinate the humidity dome is removed and the tray is moved into a sunny location. Microgreens mature when the first pair of leaves, called cotyledons, have developed. They’re ready to harvest in anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.

The nutritional value of microgreens can be as much 10 to 40 times higher than mature plants, adding to their popularity with chefs and home gardeners.

We offer a Microgreens for Beginners package that has everything you need to start growing. After enjoying the benefits of fresh greens at your fingertips why not start growing a continuous supply. We have everything you need to expand your indoor garden. Choose from a wide variety of seeds, jute mats and grower trays .

Microgreens are some of the easiest plants to grow and enjoy. Even a small tray on the patio or on the windowsill can be more fun to grow than any other kind of plant.



Sprouts are young shoots that emerge from seeds, beans, or legumes and are not grown in media of any kind. They look like microgreens but are grown in sprouting jars or a Seed Sprouter where the seeds are soaked twice a day. Sprouts do not need sun to grow and are ready to eat in about 2 to 10 days. The entire sprout can be eaten – seed, stem and roots. Choose from a wide variety of seeds for sprouting or get our Sprout Sampler Collection. They’re nutritional powerhouses that contain a high concentrate of antioxidant nutrients.

Growing in our Seed Sprouter is convenient and easy.

Sprouts growing in a Seed Sprouter

This winter start growing your own sprouts and microgreens and have a fresh, healthy diet that’s full of flavor.

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