Successfully Growing Miniature Roses Indoors


Miniature roses are one of those plants that say “pick me – pick me!!” at the store.

They’re simply irresistible.

But the minute you get them home they start complaining.


Miniature roses have a delicate root structure that demands a constant balance of air and water – not too wet or not too dry. And they aren’t very tolerant – if you don’t get it just right they’re quick to complain.

Watering is a guessing game – they always seem to be too wet or too dry. And if you don’t get it just right the plant becomes stressed. Miniature roses under stress are a magnets for insects – especially spider mites.


spider mites on minature rose
Spider mites on a miniature rose



The good news is –  growing miniature roses in our hydroponic system changes everything!


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