Summer is Here – Give Your Orchids A Fresh Start

Summer is here and that means a new growing season for your orchids!

But  . . . .

you just brought home car full of bright, colorful flowers from the local garden center. And they’ll be getting all your attention as you plant them in containers and flower beds.

But What About Your Orchids?

“Hey! Over here!” they’re shouting from the windowsill! “Summer is here and I want to get growing   . . . .    and you’re ignoring me!.

Take some time now and get your orchids ready for their summer growing season you’ll be rewarded many times over with healthy, happpy plants that will bloom next winter – when all those garden center plants will be long gone!

3 Things You Should Do To Give Your Plants A Fresh Start This Summer

Over the next couple of days I’ll be describing 3 projects that will give your plants more energy for the summer growing season.

  1. Time for repotting?
  2. Give them a bath!
  3. What to feed them for the growing season.

Your plants are waiting  . . . don’t ignore them!

How About A Summer Vacation Outdoors?

Are your plants climate challenged?

Give our orchids a vacation by moving them outdoors for the summer! Summer weather is perfect for growing all types of orchids, no matter where you live. Plants that where struggling all winter might spring to life outdoors!

We have a complete guide for outdoor growing with hydroponics at See it here.